Con Market

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270 Ong Ich Khiem Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City
Open time: Every day
Visit duration: 01h:00
Price: 01 USD

Why is Con Market special ?

The Con Market at 318 Ong Ich Khiem Street in Da Nang’s Hai Chau District is now the largest wholesale and retail venue in the central region, with over 2,000 traders operating there.

The market was first established in the 1940s on a hillock at the centre of the city. At that time, it was a perfect trading venue for the many traders from the city and the rural districts of Dai Loc, Que Son and Thang Binh in Quang Nam Province. The traders sold their locally-grown agricultural products, mainly fresh vegetables and poultry.

Con market offers various types of goods, from the requisite items to high-grade ones. Despite of not being a night market, this place is always busy even in the evening.

What to explore at Con Market?

There were 1,473 traders in the market, and many local cooperatives, private businesses and limited companies became involved in trading activities there. Various types of goods were sold at the venue to satisfy the increasing shopping demands of the local residents, and tens of thousands of customers were welcomed every day. The market was at one time renamed Da Nang Commercial Centre.

The current Con Market is now not only a shopping venue in the inner city, but a must-see destination for tourists visiting the beautiful seaside city. The market sells whatever you want to buy.

How to get to Con Market?

The best way to get Con Market is by taxi and motorbike. It takes 10 mins driving from Da Nang Railway Station and 12 mins from Da Nang International Airport.


Very interesting shopping experience

Lots of goods, lots of locals

Shopping in a vibrant atmosphere

Nice goods, nice price

Amazing place to shop with locals

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