Dried Specialties

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Many tourists often buy gifts for their relatives when travelling in Danang. Danang specialties can be mentioned like candy, cake, fermented pork, grilled beef patty, tré and dried seafood.

Candy & Cake
Sesame Cake is known as a Danang specialty with sweet smelling and traditional taste. Tourists often select Ba Lieu Sesame Cake to buy for their relatives and friends. The sesame cake is produced according to the countryside’s process and with materials such as rice flour, glutinous rice, sugar, ginger. Nowadays Ba Lieu sesame cake is very famous. Besides, the tourists can also buy other kinds of candy & cake such as green bean & meat cake, No cake, Me Xung Candy, Guong Candy…

Có thể bạn thích?

Fermented pork/ Grilled beef patty / Tré
Da Nang grilled beef patty is made by 100% fresh beef. Da Nang grilled beef patty’s characteristics are sweet smelling, high quality, no preservative substance, no alum. When cutting a slice of Da Nang grilled beef patty, you will feel a sweet taste, crispy and tough pieces.
Da Nang Tré is often eaten with Da Nang chili sauce. The chili sauce has spicy taste of chili, garlic and sweet smell of sugar. This product is from people of Hoi An in 17th century.

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