A piece of Vietnam Culture in chocolate

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WHY Chocolate Corner by Savall?

We are local.  We support the Vietnamese farmers and bring the best ingredients from different provinces to create the most natural, finest products.

We are exclusive. We understand the value of a personal, exquisite touch devoted to that lasting impression of outstanding customer service.

The story. From Barcelona to Da Nang, we preserve our five-generation artisanal tradition in each of our original products made of passion and experience.


Chocolate Corner by Savall is a chocolate company in Da Nang founded by Chef Victor Ceano Savall. Victor was born in Spain and he belongs to a prestigious family that has made sweets and pastries for five generations. The beautiful family shop Pastelería Reñé in downtown Barcelona has been a city icon since it opened in 1892.

The manufacturing of sweets and chocolate by Chocolate Corner by Savall takes roots in the knowledge and practice that Victor obtained while training with his grandfather, who perfected the traditional techniques of his crafts and became a successful entrepreneur. Traveling to Vietnam many times from a very young age with his family, Victor has developed genuine love and connection with the country and been constantly fascinated by Vietnamese ingredients and craftsmanship. He moved to Central Vietnam in 2014 and was working in Hoi An’s well-loved restaurants Mango Mango, Mango Rooms, and later as pastry chef at Four Seasons The Nam Hai.

Now living in Da Nang, Victor carries on his grandfather’s legacy by living the artisanal tradition and quality, while combining it with the best locally-grown natural products from the provinces of Vietnam.


To embrace Vietnam’s best natural ingredients using family-traditional techniques and European quality standards with an aim to create exquisite and personalized sweet and chocolate delicacies.


Chocolate Corner by Savall offers a range of exceptional products catering to a diversity of customers.

Catànies: Catànies or Catànias is a typical chocolate sweet of Catalonia region. The nuts are toasted and caramelized, then covered with white chocolate and finally a thin layer of cacao powder. Our catànies adapt the Catalan philosophy to the most quality Vietnamese ingredients.

Chocolate Collections: Our collections of creative chocolate pieces have been specifically designed as the top gifts for any chocolate-lover, with highlights of the tropical flavors of Vietnam.

Chocolate bar: Chocolate Corner by Savall’s special collection inspired by Vietnam landmarks and culture.

Chocolate sculptures: Chocolate sculptures to enjoy together with family and remember the beautiful Vietnamese spaces.

SAVALL Chocolate

  • Address: 100 Lê Quang Đạo, Đà Nẵng
  • Opening hours: 10.00 am to 8.00pm
  • Contact: +84934060140
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