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Da Nang city
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Established in 2003, Danang tourism cyclo has been one of the most interesting services in the tour system and local tourist sites. At the moment, the cyclo team is operated by Danang Center for Tourism Promotion with 70 members with qualified health condition, traffic law, language and first aid, street security. The whole team is using vehicles which are re-designed, colorful with shade, suitable cushions for guests to travel. The team members have to wear uniform. Usually, the team parks in front of the big hotels such as Phuong Dong, Bamboo Green 1, 2, 3, Bach Dang Street, Han River, Sunriver, Green Plaza …

Why Cyclo Tour is special ?

Tourists can use this type of service to explore Danang, especially Cham Sculpture Museum, along Bach Dang Street and Han river, to Pham Van Dong Street to enjoy the sea and outstand seafood, along Nguyen Tat Thanh to enjoy the view of Danang Bay. Once coming to Danang, there will be a miss for tourists if they do not try to explore Danang on cyclo.

Day time:   

– Cham Museum – Bach Dang St – Dong Da St – Ong Ich Khiem St – Hung Vuong St – Tran Phu St – Cham Museum

– Cham Museum – Le Dinh Duong St – Ong Ich Khiem St – Hung Vuong St – Tran Phu St – Cham Museum.

Night time: 

Có thể bạn thích?

– Cyclo team usually parks along Bach Dang St, serve on demand.

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