Chip chip discharge steamed

Chip chip discharge steamed
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chip-chipAs a coastal city of Da Nang Seafood extremely abundant, fresh, cheap price. Here are some delicious seafood should not be missed when you get to Danang.

After a long day sightseeing, swimming, evening came, when the cool breeze blowing from the sea inshore soften the harsh sunlight is also extremely appropriate time for you to enjoy delicious seafood dishes of This coastal city.

This is kind of delicious seafood, cheap and extremely characteristic of Da Nang. Chip chip typically steaming or boiling with like clam processing. Enjoy the chips hot chips, salt and lemon pepper chili dots, you will feel the sweetness dark, delicious dishes. Chip chip sold in any restaurant or any coastal pubs. A chip chip bowl is priced between 30,000 – 50.000 dong.

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