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Grilled scallops with green onion

If you are a fan of grilled onions dish fat snout then to Da Nang, you should not ignore this delicious dish. Place scallops sweet, soft, fragrant onions served with fragrant fat and moderate to fleshy, fat makes you optimistic…

Chip chip discharge steamed

As a coastal city of Da Nang Seafood extremely abundant, fresh, cheap price. Here are some delicious seafood should not be missed when you get to Danang. After a long day sightseeing, swimming, evening came, when the cool breeze blowing…

Grilled squid with shacha sauce

The fresh ink after being picked up will be washed and spice marinated then grilled directly on charcoal stoves. This is a bold dish waters that any gourmet would always enjoy the last step. This dish is extremely stimulating scent smell…

Kinds of Snails

Admittedly building in Danang extremely rich and varied, from the river until snails sea snails have both. What kind of sea snail spectrum may be mentioned here as snail sucking, rock snail, snail, snail. These screws after being cut and…

Oyster soup

If you already bored with the usual kind of meat soup, oysters grandchildren certainly novel foods will make you extremely excited. Oyster meat is non-aromatic, spicy bite-sized porridge cooked with green beans, rice, glutinous rice…

Seafood Hotpot

After enjoying a delicious seafood is a pot of seafood with shrimp, squid … smoke spiraling up will be extremely great choice to finish another dark theme “seafood”. As coastal areas, fresh seafood available so delicious seafood in Da Nang,…

Crab roasted tamarind

If you are a seafood devotees sure you will not be missed delicious crab roasted tamarind celebrated. This dish is very suitable for windy afternoon. Color brick red crab catching plus extremely faint scent emanating from the dish that you…

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