“Hoi An Cuisine Art” at Montgomerie Links

“Hoi An Cuisine Art” at Montgomerie Links
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Danang, 10 th Aug 2016 – With the aim of creating more choices for customers during the upcoming National Holiday as well as tasting a long list of traditional cuisine, Montgomerie Links Vietnam introduces to you the “Hoi An Cuisine Art” to be held at Montgomerie Links golf course at 5:30PM Friday 2 nd September 2016.

The banquet is created based on the concept of “Little Hoi An town inside the green” with a buffet of fine Hoi An cuisine such as Hoi An chicken rice, cao lau noodle, Hoi An white rose,…

Also on display will be traditional art performances from music bands playing traditional instruments such as zither, drum, flute, Vietnamse two-chord fiddle,…and lyrical Vietnamese inspiring songs.

You are also invited to participate in folk games such as “Bài chòi”, “Bịt mắt đập niêu” with a chance to win gifts.

Challenge yourself with our “Spring Roll Master Chef” game and with useful cooking tips from our Head Chef.

Come along to this unique food based event and enjoy with all the family at the rate of VND 299,000/adult* and VND149,000/child**.

Contact us to BOOK now:


Phone: 0510 3941 942

Hotline: 0906 525 546

* This rate include buffet package and 3 units of drink

** This rate include buffet package and 2 units of drink

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