Results of ‘Clipper Race’ photo contest announced

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On Monday, Da Nang’s Union of Literature and Arts Associations, and its Artistic Photography Association, announced the winners of the photo contest, entitled ‘Clipper Race’, which was held in the city between 19 February and 5 March.

One first, 2 second, 3 third and 5 consolation prizes were awarded.

Here are the 11 prize-winning photos:

Giải nhất: Đêm rực rỡ - Võ Hoàng Vũ
‘Dem Ruc Ro’ (A Brilliant Night) by Vo Hoang Vu took the first prize
Giải nhì: Đón gió - Hồ Xuân Mai
‘Don Gio’ (Receiving the Wind) by Ho Xuan Mai …
Giải nhì: Tạm biệt Clipper - Đặng Hữu Hùng
… and ‘Tam Biet Clipper’ (Goodbye Clipper Fleet) by Dang Huu Hung took the 2nd prizes.

Third prizes were given to:

Giải ba: Rồng vàng phun lửa - Trần Lê Xuân Vinh
‘Rong Vang Phun Lua’ (Golden Dragon Breathing Fire) by Tran Le Xuan Vinh, …
Giải ba: Câu chuyện kỳ thú - Quảng Bá Hải
… ‘Cau Chuyen Ky Thu’ (An Amazing Story) by Quang Ba Hai, …
Giải ba: Hào khí sông Hàn - Lê Duy Minh Quân
… and ‘Hao Khi Song Han’ (Martial Spirit of the Han River) by Le Duy Minh Quan.

Consolation prizes went to the following photos:

Khuyến khích: Hạnh phúc ngọt ngào - Võ Hoàng Vũ
‘Hanh Phuc Ngot Ngao’ (A Sweet Love) by Vo Hoang Vu
Khuyến khích: Niềm vui cập bến
‘Niem Vui Cap Ben’ (The Joy of Berthing)
Khuyến khích: Vũ điệu sông Hàn - Phạm Quang Vinh
‘Vu Dieu Song Han’ (A Han River Dance) by Pham Quang Vinh
Khuyến khích: Nghiêng - Huỳnh Văn Truyền
‘Nghieng’ (Slightly Slanted)
Khuyến khích: Bảo tàng điêu khắc Chăm - Huỳnh Văn Truyền
‘Bao Tang Dieu Khac Cham’ (Museum of Cham Sculpture) by Huynh Van Truyen

(Theo ĐTĐN)

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