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Evergreen Farmer’s Market

As the very first step towards improving food security in Vietnam, Evergreen Labs is hosting the first Evergreen Farmer’s Market where local produce, handmade products and food vendors can sell to consumers directly. The market will be held on November 20, 2016 from 7h00-19h00 at the Dragon Bridge, across from Danang food center. This market has free admission and welcomes locals, expats, tourists, students and everyone who cares about food for themselves and their families.

Over the past three months, the Evergreen Labs team has sourced only the best vendors who meet safe food guidelines established internally by the Evergreen Labs. In total, there will be 20+ vendors ranging from farms across central Vietnam to local handmade product stands, NGOs and clean food stall vendors. A transparent profile of each vendor will be displayed to the consumers on market day and also available online on the Farmer’s Market website. The aim is to bring like-minded individuals together who care about the food they consume and start to build a community.

In addition to trading activities during the day, there will also be several organized workshops that are free to join during the day. Some of those workshops include, learn why water quality matters, handmade product workshops and learn how to grow clean food. Also, GreenViet will host a photography exhibition of Son Tra wildlife to educate about the beautiful nature in Danang.

Evergreen Labs is determined to make this first market a big success and plans to hold monthly markets in the future. Join us in creating a green and healthy living environment in central Vietnam!

Evergreen Labs is a Danang-based company focused on developing social and environmental projects into sustainable businesses for long lasting positive impact. Currently, Evergreen Labs is developing several internal projects and one of those is focused on the area of food security. In Vietnam, the lack of trust in food is an essential problem. Today, many people do not know where their food is coming from and even though there are regulatory bodies with standards of good practice enforcing chemical spraying and treatment of crops, most people are not sure about the food they are eating and giving to their families.

For more information:
Evergreen labs website:
Farmer’s market facebook page:

Evergreen Farmer’s Market
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