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Danang is located on the coastline of Central Vietnam and the third biggest city in Vietnam. Danang is also a beach tourism city of Vietnam, with its beauty no less than Maldives of Bali. Apart from the irresistible charm of blue sky and crystal clear water, tourists can also indulge in the calm and profound ancient town.

To develop Danang’s cultural tourism potentials as a “livable city in Vietnam”, our company has created a culture and art performance called Charming Danang and especially with the participation of National Artist Doan Vuong Linh, Dang Linh Nga,… and other famous artists of Vietnam in order to make an authentic traditional music night with a large scale. The audience can experience the beauty and charm of Vietnam through the most beautiful songs and dances in a romantic night.

Charming Danang Show
Charming Danang Show

Charming Danang will bring tourists the most wonderful experience on a colorful journey with Ao dai, Non la (conical hat), lotus flower, Champa culture… Tourists will live in dances and songs full of Vietnamese spirits, to understand more about the culture and customs of Vietnam, the traditional instruments…

If you would like to understand about the traditional customs, history and culture of Vietnam, come to our show and you will not regret.

Charming Danang will definitely bring a wonderful landscape with cultural beauty and a Danang full of charms to you.

  • The show will last for 70 minutes 
  • Time: Every day on 19h30-20h40
  • Address: Culture House of Labor Da Nang – 2 Cach Mang Thang Tam, Hoa Cuong Nam Ward, Hai Chau, Danang
  • The best way to reach the location is to a taxi or hire a private vehicle
  1. Opening
  2. Dance: “Mysterious Champa”
  3. Song: Giac mo trua
  4. Dance and traditional instrument performance: Tay Nguyen Dance
  5. Traditional instrument performance (Dan Bau)
  6. Dance: “Charming shadows”
  7. Song: Tinh yeu tren thanh pho bien (Love in the beach city)
  8. Dance: “Happy moments”
  9. Dance: “Lotus”
  10. Song: “Charming Danang”
  11. Dance:”Spring Dance Festival”

Contact booking


  • Wholesale: 0962211818
  • English and Korea: 0344801648
  • China: 0971833888

Book online via fanpage: m.me/CharmingDanang

Additional Information

  • Child ticket: For children measuring heights between 75-109cm
  • Children measuring heights 110cm and above will have to purchase Adult tickets
  • Children measuring heights 74cm and below are free of charge, provided that they will share their seat with a parent

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