ABG5 Online Shopping Promotion

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On the occasion of The 5th Asian Beach Games, from 24/9/2016 to 03/10/2016, Da Nang Department of Industry and Trade in collaboration with Vietnam Trade JSC held the program “ABG5 Online Shopping Promotion”. The program aims to stimulate consumer demands, promote products and services of enterprises in Da Nang city to international atheles and tourists through online promotional program and e-commerce channels.

The program has attracted the participation of about 20 service providers and enterprises such as BQ Footwear, Danang Souvernir, Co.opMart, Binh Tien (Bitis), Hoa Tho Textile, Phuoc Tien drySpecialty, Phuong NguyenCoffee, Doji jewelryGroup, A Sanzo, Que Huong ….

Promotionalinformationand product information will be updated continuously on the e-commerce platform www.danangtrade.vn and on the fanpage Danang Ecommerce (https: // www .facebook.com / danangecommerce /). Athletes, citizens and tourists visiting our websitewww.danangtrade.vn will be informed detailed information and forms of promotion of each product. The promotions are: 25% discount on BQ Footwear products, 10% on Bitis products, 10% for Doji wedding rings and a further 5% discountif buying together with engagement rings, 10%  on Phuong Nguyen Coffee products, a reduction of Sanzo price and gifts directly to consumers, etc.,..Especially, customers can purchase online on www.danangtrade.vn e-commerce platform and will also enjoy the same promotional offers as purchasing in the stores.

The “ABG5 Online shopping promotion” program in Danang will be an opportunity forbusinesses to promote their brands, products and services to stimulate consumer demand, connect supply – demand and also is a preparatory step to accelerate the brand promotion activities, products and services in the APEC year 2017 and subsequent years.

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