What a delicious Da Nang mixing Tré !

Tré is extremely easy to eat. Using as a drinking snack is also very delicious. Tré is originally delicious, but mixing Tré becomes extremely delicious dish.

Tré is not difficult to buy in Da Nang. There are many places where are selling tasty Tré. It is not also too hard to make Tré yourself, just takes a little work. Tré in Da Nang is different from other provinces in the Middle due to its simplicity.


To make Tré, it needs to prepare pork’s head, boiled ham which is sliced only about 1 long finger. Galangal is sharpened cleanly, sliced and mixed with pork and spices including: “thính” (fried rice which is crushed or pureed by pepper mill), sesame, minced garlic, fish sauce, sodium, pepper…

Mix together for all the spices soaked into the meat, let the mixing a little time and then use clean banana leaves to pack tightly as packing “nem”. Finally, wrap with clean paper outside.

About 2 days, Tré is ripen and able to eat.

A little basil, chilli, peanuts and lemon can turn Tré become a delicious dish.

Da Nang Tré is delicious for immediately eating, if you want it to be more delicious, you should mix with basil, Hoi An chili (Quang Nam), roasted peanuts and a little lemon.

Bake rice paper, take Tré and taste, all quintessential taste in the mouth is already full, the chewiness of pork’s head and the sweet taste of pork, adding with the aromatic galangal, spicy peppers of Hoi An, heady aroma of herbs … It waste a lot of beers!

What a delicious Da Nang mixing Tré !
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