Visit the Son Tra District Art Gallery for a new check-in spot popular with young people.

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The Son Tra District Art Gallery has already captured the hearts of many, inspiring a growing number of people and tourists to visit and explore its beautiful space. Even though it has not yet officially opened, its allure is undeniable, particularly among young people who come here to take photos and immerse themselves in the artistic atmosphere.

Son Tra District Art Gallery (No. 2 Vu Van Dung Street, An Hai Tay Ward, Son Tra District)

The project boasts an impressive 749 square meters of space.

The project has two floors.

Despite not being officially open yet, it has garnered the attention of many young people eager to capture the perfect photo.

Its winding concrete frame structure, vegetation, and elevated walkways create the project’s unique architectural form, making it a standout feature.

One of the pictures shows a child being photographed by their mother.

The Son Tra District Art Gallery’s architectural design draws inspiration from albatross wings flying on the waves, hence its name – “Wings Art”.

A small family took advantage of the project’s beautiful scenery.

The project can be seen from above and is set to open its doors in early February 2024.

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