Talk with Jimmy Lopez – General Manager of New World properties in Hoiana Resorts & Golf

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As the General Manager of the two New World Properties at Hoiana Resort & Golf, can you provide an overview of your hotels, highlighting its key features and attractions?

Hoiana Resort & Golf is Vietnam’s premier integrated resort, boasting a pristine 4-kilometer beach shore near the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Hoi An, Vietnam. Our two properties, New World Hoiana Beach Resort & New World Hoiana Hotel, are perfectly situated within this luxurious complex, offering a wide range of dining options and activities including a remarkable kids’ club, an award winning 18-hole golf course, state of the art event spaces, a casino, and a soon to open Beach Club.

Whilst conveniently located to provide a tranquil escape from tense urban life, hotels are within a 15-minute drive of natural attractions such as Hoi An ancient town and Cham Island, making them ideal for family vacations, romantic getaways, golf enthusiasts, and MICE events.

What sets your properties apart from others in the area?

What sets us apart from other resorts in the area is our commitment to diverse experiences. New World Hoiana Beach Resort features 330 rooms and suites and provides an extensive array of activities suitable for families, couples, company events, and golf lovers. Highlights include a wide range of beachfront fun, a two-story club lounge that becomes a lively bar at night, and a cutting-edge spa. In contrast, New World Hoiana Hotel with its 476 rooms appeals to youthful travelers, friend groups, and vacationers, boasting trendy accommodations, a selection of delicious dining options, and a 24-hour Fitness Centre.

Could you share any development and innovation projects that the two properties are going to implement in the future?

Both New World Hoiana Beach Resort and New World Hoiana Hotel are gearing up for exciting developments, including the launch of NOX Beach Club, a multi-restaurant and bar beachfront destination, and a new mini water park at New World Hoiana Hotel in 1st quarter of 2024. In addition to existing eco-friendly initiatives, we are launching a hydroponic farm to supply resort grown vegetables to our restaurants, furthering our commitment to sustainability.

With the brand positioning of a family, couple resort and a destination for the MICE market, what were the events that New World Hoiana Beach Resort and New World Hoiana Hotel offered your guests during Lunar New Year?

During Lunar New Year at Hoiana Resort, we unveil an exhilarating “Dragon’s Blessings Unfold” campaign, crafted to mesmerize, and offer you a glimpse of traditional festivities. Imagine indulging in sumptuous feasts, creating traditional treats, and participating in cultural festivities, all designed for families and couples. Our Tet activations guarantee holidays packed with joy—from pot-breaking to beach campfires—immersed in the resort’s celebratory spirit.

As the general manager of 2 hotels, what are your expectations and development goals for the tourism market in the Central region?

My expectations for the tourism market in the Central region include a commitment to exceptional service, sustainable tourism practices, and community engagement. This is to be supported by the resumption of direct flight to dannag airport from key cities. We aim to position our hotels as key contributors to the Central region’s tourism landscape while preserving its natural beauty and cultural richness.

Lastly, what advice do you have for tourism businesses in the provinces in Central region in particular and throughout Vietnam in general? How can they utilize existing tourism advantages and at the same time, explore new potentials?

To tourism businesses in the provinces in the Central region and throughout Vietnam, we advise leveraging unique attractions, collaborating with local communities, investing in sustainability, and exploring emerging markets to drive tourism promotions and appeal to a diverse audience. By doing so, businesses can capitalize on existing tourism advantages and tap into new potentials for growth and success.

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