Savour the new menu of Azure Beach Lounge with all of your senses

Thuong Vi Am Thuc Thuong Hang Moi Tai Nha Hang Azure Beach Lounge Dep Man Nhan

Azure Beach Lounge, located on the oceanfront at Pullman Danang Beach Resort, offers stunning views of the crystal blue water and the azure sky. Aside from its distinct artistic style, the restaurant gives guests with great gourmet flavor.

Thuong Vi Am Thuc Thuong Hang Moi Tai Nha Hang Azure Beach Lounge Dep Man Nhan

Coming to Azure Beach Lounge means attending ocean-inspired events elegantly cooked and decorated by “Chef Igor” with new concepts to make outstanding sensations to stimulate guests’ palates. Azure will immerse customers in ocean food inspired by the Deep Blue Ocean, in addition to the new menu, which launched in December. Cioppino stewed fish, Grilled crab, Black Ink Spaghetti, and Chocolate Melting Ball are some of the outstanding dishes you should not miss.



Cioppino fish stew – named after the town of Ciuppin in Liguria, Italy – is a traditional soup made from seafood caught on sea journeys. The natural sweetness of freshly blanched seafood, along with the salty flavor of the sea and the subtle spiciness of herbal spices, delicately balanced with seductive white wine, will undoubtedly leave guests nostalgic.

Grilled crab promises to be a superb choice for guests, with the major component being mud crab, with the sweetness of each crab meat and a little salty taste of the sea mingled with fatty and sour lemon butter sauce. The meal is enhanced by the addition of soft roll bread and spicy Nam Jim sauce. This is undeniably a flavor that will captivate guests each time they visit Azure Beach Lounge restaurant.

Black In Spaghetti With Prawn In Lobster Soup Tai Nha Hang Azure Beach Lounge Pullman Danang Beach Resort


Inspired by the rich food quintessence of the nation, “Chef Igor” combines black spaghetti with squid ink and chile-garlic served with prawns in cheese sauce. The softness and sweetness of each fiber of tiger prawn flesh, mixed with lobster sauce and a gorgeous ink color, present guests with a fantastic flavor.

Chocolate Tang Chay Tai Nha Hang Azure Beach Lounge Pullman Danang Beach Resort


The Chocolate Melting Ball, which consists of a brownie tower, ice cream, and chocolate-covered berries served with strawberry sauce, melts all of the customers’ senses. What a wonderful way to clear your pallet and add a sweet ending note to your fullest dining experience at Azure Beach Lounge.


Stay connected to nature with revitalizing Pullman Connection Cocktail. Unwind in premier beachfront restaurant while your taste buds are blown away by the candy-like honeydew melon flavor. Enjoy the tropical smell from exotic & refreshing lychee note of Pullman Connection.

Cocktail At Pullman Danang Pullman Connection Pina Colada Seasalt Coffee


Set your footstep on an island state of mind while sipping Pina Colada at Azure Beach Lounge.

This classic tropical cocktail for summer will be boosted with a freshly squeezed pineapple and rich coconut taste, ready to make you feel oh-so-refreshing. This drink definitely hits the spot on a hot summer day.


A journey to Vietnam won’t be completed without trying Vietnamese coffee. Vietnamese Sea Salt Coffee (Ca Phe Muoi) is known for its exquisite flavor throughout Central Vietnam. With salted cream on top and sweetened condensed milk at the bottom, this delight has a twist of the bitterness of freshly dripped coffee. What the best way to absorb the real local culture

The Azure Beach Lounge restaurant is considered a location where diners experience luxury. The culinary style is attentively and artistically cared for in every detail of processing and decoration.

Azure Beach Lounge
101 Nguyen Giap Street, Khue My Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City, Vietnam
Tel: (+84) 236 3958 888

Huan Nguyen

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