Hunting the culinary treasure at Azure Beach Lounge

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This summer, let Pullman Danang Beach Resort take you on a culinary voyage by the pristine shores like never before.

Welcome to Azure Beach Lounge, a gastronomic odyssey where we explore the essence of local heritage. Get ready to fall in love with the sophisticated dishes shaping Asian and European cuisine on our al-fresco terrace with stunning sea views. The new Azure Beach Lounge’s menu is carefully prepared to celebrate the uniqueness of our culinary heritage, from hearty soups to indigenous dishes. Every bite is an exploration of flavors unique to these breathtaking continents.

Let the adventure begin with our Culinary Prelude section. Take a glimpse of Vietnamese authentic taste with Goi Cuon – spring roll – a paradise of freshness wrapped in the lucent thin rice paper. Feel the rich blend of crispy pork belly, juicy prawn & avocado, balanced by the light sourness of mango.

Next, warm up your senses with the finest selection of Steamy Repertoire, where you can find the aromatic noodles & soup that you always dream of. Take your dinner to the next level with Lobster Bisque. Let the mellow lobster tail embrace your taste buds with a spoonful of creamy soup.

Afterward, it’s time to hunt the precious gifts from the sea & the land. With 2 special sections, Aquatic Ballet & Terrestrial Symphony, relish all oceanic treasures & bounties from Mother Earth on your plate, from succulent Grilled Calamari to hearty Kung pao chicken.

If you struggle to find a must-try for Azure Beach Lounge, let our signature section, Culinary Opus, enchant your palate. The tempting Surf & Turf, a duo of premium Australian tenderloin & lobster, surely will brighten up your adventure of flavors with unforgettable taste.

Being more than just a beachfront resto, the revamped Azure has become the new hideout of our global travelers looking for a tranquil escape from the hustle & bustle. There’s no better place to unwind in the tropical atmosphere while indulging in every bite of goodness.

Book a table now & savor the new Azure Beach Lounge collection with all your senses.

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To make reservation, please contact: or hotline; 0236 395 8888


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