How spectacular are the new shows at Da Nang Downtown?

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Commencing on June 15, two groundbreaking shows that meld Jetski & Flyboard will make their grand debut at the Da Nang Downtown entertainment complex. These shows mark a pioneering achievement, presenting unparalleled performances in Vietnam delivered by leading artists from across the globe.


With a revitalized brand identity and rebranded as Da Nang Downtown, Asia Park will undergo an exciting transformation this summer. It will provide new play, entertainment, and shopping experiences, especially at night.

A grand scale of world-class shows featuring top-tier artists is set to debut in Da Nang. Photo: Team Kim Liên.

Da Nang Downtown will delight visitors with extraordinary art performances, making their first appearance in Da Nang. Notably, this includes the premiere of the thrilling Jetski & Flyboard show “Awaken River” and the mesmerizing combination of Jetski & Flyboard with nightly fireworks in the “Symphony of River” show.

Awaken River

The central tourism capital’s debut show, ‘Awaken River,’ has the potential to awaken the quiet western banks of the Han River with awe-inspiring performances.

Exciting and thrilling emotions are evoked in the audience by Da Nang’s pioneering “wave-breaking” performance. Photo: Team DNP.

Every day at 17:30, by the riverside stage at Da Nang Downtown (formerly Asia Park), the Awaken River event will showcase the talents of 10 international jetski and five top flyboard athletes. Among them is Kristina Isaeva, a renowned Russian athlete known for her incredible triple flips on the Moscow River. The New York Post and Daily Mail praised her as the 2019 Flyfest world runner-up.

Watch in amazement as the “Awaken River” performers showcase their specialty: breathtaking high-altitude flips up to 15 meters in the air! Photo: Team DNP.

During the show, “Awaken River” offers an electrifying musical experience with Jetski water art displays and gravity-defying 15-meter-high stunts by world champion flyboard athletes. Before that, the audience will be treated to an exhilarating and enthralling opening performance by over 20 parkour hip-hop artists on the picturesque riverside stage. The show runs daily. From June 15 to July 10, 2024, “Awaken River” offers a special ticket price of only 100,000 VND for Da Nang – Quang Nam visitors (ID proof required). This is an excellent opportunity for residents and tourists in Da Nang to fully enjoy the first “wave-breaking” show in this beautiful coastal city.

Symphony of River

When Awaken River awakens the western banks of the Han River every sunset, “Symphony of River” narrates a mesmerizing, fairy-tale-like tale of the river, capturing the spirit of Da Nang. This exceptional show in Da Nang and Vietnam seamlessly blends various art forms and showcases a myriad of top international talents.

“Symphony of River” combines a stunning array of art forms, featuring top world stars in circus acts, mesmerizing magic performances, and breathtaking extreme sports displays. Photo: Team Kim Liên.

“Symphony of River” is a remarkable fusion of live classical symphony, circus, magic, extreme sports, and fireworks art. It depicts an enchanting tale of unexpected and captivating encounters between Fairies and Dark Elves concealed beneath the Han River for countless years, turning the “impossible” into “possible.”

“The Symphony of River” show features a duo of a Fairy and a Dark Elf.Photo: Team Kim Liên.

Every art form and chapter of the show takes the audience on an emotional journey, leading them from one surprise to another. The world-class performances of artists like Anatoliy Zalevskiy, “The Pride of Ukrainian Circus Art,” and Oleg Izosimov, the “Prince of Balance,” with unbeaten world records, will astonish and move you.

The pride of Russian circus art is artist Oleg Izosimov and his classic balancing act in “Symphony of River.” Photo: Team Kim Liên.

In the captivating performance, the audience will witness mesmerizing aerial and water dances by over 20 world-champion Jetski & Flyboard athletes. The Flyboard will paint water and light in the air, while the jetskis will portray the beauty of a maiden awakening at night. The culmination of emotions will occur in the final act as fireworks illuminate the sky, creating an epic symphony of the Han River. Viewers will experience the release of the river’s long-held emotions in each chapter of this remarkable performance.

Light, music, fireworks, and the “top-notch” performances of the athletes create a mesmerizing experience for the audience in the “Symphony of River”. Photo: Team Kim Liên.

The show “Symphony of River,” directed by Tuấn Lê, is set to bring Hollywood blockbuster scenes to life. With over 30 years of experience creating stunning performances, H2O has participated in significant movie blockbusters directed by world-renowned directors and producers. This majestic musical score will feature artists and athletes performing soaring “notes,” making it an unforgettable experience.

Light, music, fireworks, and the “top-notch” performances of the athletes immerse the audience in the fairy-tale world of “Symphony of River.”. Photo: Team Kim Liên.

On June 15, Da Nang Downtown will come alive with the launch of Awaken River and Symphony of River. This spectacular event will turn the area into an entertainment paradise, offering a diverse range of world-class experiences that tourists cannot miss. It will be the ultimate nighttime destination, and you want to take advantage of it!


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