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Do you have any plans to mark the first summer of the new millennium 2020? Now, when the trend of “Going around Vietnam” is spreading widely, you can catch the trend of “Going out, Running” in Danang in August!

Bat Xu Huong Den Da Nang De Di Choi Di Chay 06

In addition to the tourism industry which is starting to reopen with a lot of stimulus policies, besides that, recreational activities and sports events are gradually being restarted. One of the biggest running events in Vietnam – Manulife Danang International Marathon has also restarted after a quiet time. The welcoming event of Danang City is ready to welcome tourists back with the message “Go to the City” (Run Danang), which is a campaign to support the program “Vietnamese people.” travel to Vietnam ”, encourage all people to“ Go around Vietnam ”combined with discovering jogging.

 Why is Race-cation

Race-cation is an experience of running and discovering tourist destinations on its own feet. Understand simpler than visiting the city by running. Different from regular tourism, participants can also bring a souvenir medal from this new experience trip if you accept to conquer long distances.

Thu Tuong Chinh Phu Phe Duyet Nhiem Vu Lap Quy Hoach Bao Quan Tu Bo Phuc Hoi Danh Lam Thang Canh Quoc Gia Dac Biet Ngu Hanh Son
Danh thắng Ngũ Hành Sơn – Ảnh: Kim Liên

Da Nang is a city with too many locations for a weekend trip, with many choices to explore such as Ngu Hanh Son relic, Ba Na Hills tourist area or museums in the city. city. About 40 minutes from the city by motorbike or car, tourists can set foot in the ancient town of Hoi An or cross the Hai Van Pass to visit the ancient capital of Hue.

Bat Xu Huong Den Da Nang De Di Choi Di Chay 01
Sun World Bà Nà Hills

In addition, to welcome tourists back to Da Nang, travel agencies, hotels and travel services are ready to welcome with many preferential programs, especially service packages for people only. Participated in this year’s Manulife Danang International Marathon.

Why should you run in Danang?

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The 21km and 42km roads of Danang are designed for participants to experience the beauty of the city from the early morning, have the opportunity to run along the Han River to witness firsthand the lives of local people starting a day. How, or enjoy the majestic mountains in front of you, then continue to experience the sea route before reaching the destination at the famous My Khe beach. If the above distances are too much, 10km / 5km on Saturday morning will be the perfect choice with the opportunity to watch the sunrise on the stretch of white sandy beach.

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Manulife Danang International Marathon has a beautiful running track and is one of the most beautiful marathons in Asia. After 7 years of organization, the competition not only makes Da Nang city a meeting place for runners across the country and internationally to meet and exchange, but also is a dynamic destination for families. travel and run together.

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The competition, organized by the Department of Culture and Sports of Da Nang City & Danang Center Tourism Promotion,  organized by Pulse Active, is one of the highlight events of the year not only in Danang, Vietnam but also attracting attention at Asia in the context of the whole world is seeking to return to a new normal life.

The Manulife Danang International Marathon will be held for the 8th time on August 8-9 with distances of 42km / 21km / 10km / 5km and 1.5km Ronny Dash. See more details about the route map as well as the contest schedule at www.manulifedananangmarathon.com.

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Manulife Vietnam is the title sponsor of the marathon and has been associated with the event since 2016. Manulife inspires people to think differently about their health and encourages everyone to embrace a more active lifestyle through simple daily habits. Anyone can take their first step towards better health by downloading the free ManulifeMOVE app and joining in the fun at Danang.  With over 20 years’ experience in Vietnam and more than 1 million customers, Manulife is transforming the life insurance industry through its products, services and experiences.

– Huân Nguyễn –

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