Foreign tourists are enjoying Tet in Da Nang

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As the Lunar New Year of 2024 is celebrated, An Thuong’s “Western Street” in the Ngu Hanh Son district has completely transformed. The street is now adorned with lively colors and filled with the essence of Spring. Foreign guests from far and wide have been fascinated and moved by the energetic atmosphere and the showcase of Vietnam’s Tet culture.

An Thuong’s “Western Street” has been a beloved destination for foreign visitors for a long time. Creating a traditional Tet setting has allowed guests to learn, explore, and be inspired by the vibrant Tet culture of Vietnam.

Experience and exposure to new cultures can create a sense of wonder and appreciation for the beauty around us. The traditional Tet space recreated by the People’s Committee of My An ward and the Labor Federation of Ngu Hanh Son district has captured the hearts of tourists worldwide.

 Ms. Julita from France expressed her excitement and amazement at the beautiful decorations in the city.

At the same time, Mr. Harvey and his wife from the US found joy and inspiration in the abundance of flowers and the warmth of the locals. These simple yet meaningful gestures of cultural exchange can help us appreciate the diversity and richness of our world.

Experience the rich cultural heritage of Vietnam during the Tet festival. The festive atmosphere, with its traditional culinary flavors and beautiful decorations, will transport you back in time and provide a glimpse into the daily life of the Vietnamese people.

The Tet decoration miniatures in An Thuong “Western Street” are a testament to the creativity and community spirit of My An ward’s schools and socio-political organizations.

The dragon mascot model is made of foam.

As Spring approaches, people from all walks of life flock to capture the stunning scenery around them. The beautiful layout of An Thuong “Western Street” is a trendy spot, with its familiar objects and scenes during the nation’s traditional Tet holiday drawing in countless visitors.

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