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JEJUair is an airline with the fastest growing rate as compared to other airlines in South Korea. Founded in 2005, JEJUair now has 32 boeing 737-800 with many special services and entertainment regularly updated on each flight.

Bay đến Hàn Quốc cùng JEJUair 1
Boeing 737-800 by JEJUair

In May 2018, JEJUair has launched the new route Danang – Muan, on B737-800 with 189 seats, with 2 flights every week on Tuesday and Saturday at 13h20. JEJUair is also running two other direct flights: Danang – Incheon (Seoul) and Danang – Busan.

Danang – Muan is the third direct route from South Korea to Danang by JEJUair.

The direct flights of JEJUair are scheduled as follows:

Route Departure time Frequency
Danang – Incheon (Seoul)  01h30, 14h20 Daily
Danng – Busan 13h40 Daily
Danang – Muan 13h20 TUE, SAT

Bay đến Hàn Quốc cùng JEJUair 4

Since its opening in 2005, JEJUair has always put the effort into expansion and development, researching on delivering the best customer experience as well as competitive fares.

JEJUair realizes the rising needs of travelling by air and aims to make South Korea the destinations for tourists with a different experience aboard.

The experts of JEJUair has done their best to reduce unnecessary expenses, in order to lower the price for their customers. By all means, JEJUair is always following air security policies and trying to improve their services in all aspects.

Bay đến Hàn Quốc cùng JEJUair 2
JEJUair  là Hãng hàng không có tốc độ phát triển nhanh nhất so với các Hãng hàng không khác tại Hàn Quốc

After more than 10 years of operation, JEJUair is bringing a sustainable change to the airlines industry of South Korea, with 32 Boeing 737-800 aircrafts with updates service and entertainment on each flight, bringing new and exciting flying experience for their customers.

Bay đến Hàn Quốc cùng JEJUair 3

JEJUair Lounge in Danang:

  • Address: 94 Bach Dang, Hai Chau, Danang
  • Services: Hotels, resorts, lodgings, car rentals, tours, discount coupons, shopping information, transportation, wifi/internet, free lockers…

Binh Phan – Fly to South Korea with JEJUair

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