Experience the gold plated sanitary equipment in Danang Golden Bay Hotel

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Experience the gold plated sanitary equipment in Danang Golden Bay Hotel

Besides the golden wonder park works, golden dining utensils and other golden interiors, the gold plated sanitary equipment will bring to you the luxurious experience.

Focus on the forgotten point which people almost forget of the importance of bathroom, Danang Golden Bay Hotel design a golden restroom. This would be a great place that brings the most relaxing and comfortable moments to your trip to Danang city.


The gold plated sanitary equipment makes a comfortable spirit

Most of us almost forget the important role of good restroom in our life. Bath time is the most relaxing time of the day when we can refill the energy and create freely.

That is the reason why so many great ideas come from the restroom. However, by the time we almost forget all about that. We focus on designing an impressive living room, a cute and warm bedroom but no design for the restroom.

Source: HueandSun

Understand that, Danang Golden Bay Hotel has a very different design from other hotels. All the sanitary are the golden objects. There is not only gold plated sanitary equipment in the most luxurious President room but also other types of room.

The President room with full gold plated sanitary equipment

Being the most luxurious room in the hotel, the President room has a set of full gold plated sanitary equipment. A big bathtub cover is with the 24K gold brings to you the loosen moments. Therefore, you can find your most comfortable feeling to refill your energy.

Besides, the other sanitary also cover with gold. The golden mirror seem changes nothing. However, it actually gives you a bright reflection of your appearance. Furthermore, it brings to you the feeling of luxury and inspires you to be more gorgeous. It is not all about the President gold plated sanitary equipment, there are golden utensils and golden decorations that you should not miss out!

The superior, deluxe and superior rooms with gold plated sanitary equipment

Keeping the luxury theme of the whole hotel, other types of room in Danang Golden Bay Hotel also have gold plated sanitary equipment. Moreover, they all are meticulously arrangement. The gold does not make things too splendour. In contrast, it helps the room brighter and more artistic.

Experience the luxury moments with the golden restroom at the hotel is a worthy reward. It is a good way to treat yourself well on the vacation. The gold plated sanitary equipment is present in the superior room and deluxe room. Moreover, it also is in the superior room and corner suite.


There is not only the gold plated sanitary equipment, but Danang Golden Bay Hotel also brings customers the best experience ever. We provide high-end services for 24 hours in everyday of a week. Moreover, in the holidays, we have special events as well as great discounts that might bring to you the most wonderful holidays ever. Do not hesitate to contact us via hotline or email for more advice about the outstanding services at the hotel.

Experience the gold plated sanitary equipment in Danang Golden Bay Hotel
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