Danang: The paradise for wedding photos

Danang does not have the autumn but there are still transforming moments very tender.

It will not be deep blue with the blazzing sunshine. Soughing blasts of wind also wander elsewhere. Sun will shine gently and wind will breathe softly. It turns to blue and peaceful. So many souls therefore stiring and blending with each other by change praise the autumn as the season of love. Lovers seem feel sweeter to have an autumn wedding. Preparing for the great day, most of brides and grooms want to have pretty wedding albums. Danang have a lot of places helping them perfectly catch romantic moments of their life.

Danang Beach and Son Tra Peninsula

Danang Beach seems the indispensable place for wedding albums. Not only for its beauty with the diversified landscapes but also do not people expect to miss free and vigorous moments of the photos taken at the beach.

The wild rocky beaches at Son Tra Peninsula help explore acute characters and even the opposite of natural colors, of concepts in pair like water and stone… In the meanwhile, photos taken in immense sandy beaches show the complete blend between sky and see, between lovers and make us think about the everlasting love.

Photo shooting places along Danang beach, from Bien Dong Park to Son Tra Peninsula bring many nuances for wedding albums.Bien Dong Park is famous for its dove garden with more than 1000 individuals. Doves that always simbolize for peace and love will be a wish for long lasting love of brides and grooms.

Many photographers love taking photo from Vong Canh tower or Ban Co peak on Son Tra mountain to catch the overview of Danang or the vast landscape of sky and see.

At the foot of Son Tra Peninsula, two favourite shooting places beside beaches are Green Lake or Bai But Lake and Dong Dinh Museum. Green Lake is charming by its quietness and the surrounding field of raflis trivialis. Dong Dinh Museum look antique for brick walls covered with green moss that will be a good background for brides acting the Vietnam women in olden days.

Hoi An

Not belonging Danang but just 30 km far from Danang, Hoi An frequently presents in wedding albums. After the morning taking photos on the beach to get the best out of light and catch the sparkle dawn moment, the photo shooting team will spend the whole afternoon and night in Hoi An. The moss walls of quarters, the antique houses are always perfect background for classical love stories between ladies in ao dai and young intellectuals. Nonetheless, the most wanted décor must be the lantern town of the full moon night. The town looks glistening in the light of lanterns and the passionate glints of people-in-love are also honestly sparkle without acting!

Bà Nà

Being a resort since the French domination, Ba Na today has been changed for the better. Under the indistinct frost of the high mountain, new constructions like cable car system, Fantasy Park in catle-shaped… bring the European styled landscape for wedding albums. From Ba Na, we can get the overall view of the city or the scence of sunset bringing much emotion.

Lotus village Hoa Lien

When wedding photography is more and more popular and regarded as an art work, many photographers travel everywhere to find new and beautiful spaces for shooting. Hoa Lien is a place to be discovered. There are fields covered with the green lotus leaves and adorned with the smiling pinky lotus buds. Brides and grooms look like country girls and boys when appearing with “áo yếm” and “quần lá tọa” with tucked up trouser legs. They are very simple and spontaneous. However, there are just a few weeks when lotus buds are in the most beautiful period. So, can not all brides and grooms have wedding photos besides lotus pond.

Đông Giang – Hill of tea fields

Travelling about 40 km from Danang city to Đông Giang hills, brides and grooms will get a spectacular for their photos. A immense space is opened with the green of forests and straight tea tree lines, the blue of sky and the white of clouds drifting slowly. Being far off the bustling city, Dong Giang hills is the place for brides and grooms to harmonise with the nature and take many spontaneous photos.

Resort landscape

Taking photos in resort is a current trend because resorts are always polished in every details of designing and decoration that makes their guests contemplate and sastified. The appearance of many resorts brings many options to brides and grooms. After that, resorts keenly offer many interesting packages. Among resorts, Furama Resort Danang with identities of the pioneer always keeps her distinguish style. Furama Resort selected Cham cultural elements and dark brown color as her decisive style in designing. This style makes her luxury coated by the warmness and closeness that can evoke profound and long lasting emotions of people. Especially, there is a 20 year garden that is very green like a small tropical forest, offering more décor for photographers.

Street cáfe

A numerous of fine wedding albums show that even unless we travel far or invest a lot, we still have photos full of love at pretty cáfes or familiar street corners. Compared to Sai Gon or Ha Noi, Danang is lack of cáfes with their own identities. Therefore, some cáfes become much more attractive to brides and grooms like Bibblo, Rafew, Kathy… However, if it is my turn to be bride, I will definitely chose a street cáfe for my wedding album. Street cáfes with low tables and stools have become a coffee drinking style of Danang people recently. Brides and grooms with simple tables, with black coffee glasses, with bustling streets… must bring an impressive album.

Chi Giao

Photo: Nguyen Kim Hoang (Taa Bin)

Danang: The paradise for wedding photos
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