Building tourism products and strengthening public-private partnerships to promote Da Nang tourism

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Da Nang has a rich and unique natural resource value. The city’s tourism industry has been actively implementing various solutions to enhance the infrastructure, diversify tourism products, expand the market, and promote creativity and innovation. These efforts have been recognized with many prestigious titles, such as being one of Southeast Asia’s top three leading tourist cities in 2022, Asia’s leading event and festival destination in 2016, and the World Travel Awards in 2022.

One of the critical solutions that has contributed to the success of Da Nang tourism is the effective implementation of regional linkage and public-private partnership. These have helped develop and promote tourism products and communication activities.

Da Nang Thu Hut Du Khach Bang Chuoi Cac Su Kien Le Hoi Thuong Nien 1

The Central region is a vital tourism destination, and cooperation among its provinces has become an essential trend. Since 2006, Thua Thien Hue Province, Da Nang City, and Quang Nam Province have actively established a familiar brand, “Three Localities, One Destination.” Through a rotation mechanism, the leading locality has developed a joint program with the participation of the other two localities to implement content from the state management of tourism effectively. They have also worked together to build inter-regional tourism products and promote crucial tourism markets of the three localities. Additionally, the EU Project has provided support to the provinces of Thua Thien Hue, Da Nang, and Quang Nam to develop and collect opinions on the formation of three groups of everyday tourism products of the three localities, including heritage road, sea-born resort, ecological road, and community tourism.

As of 2021, the regional tourism development link system has been expanded to cover five localities: Da Nang, Quang Nam, Thua Thien Hue, Quang Binh, and Quang Tri. The theme for this expansion is “Magical Heritage Region”, which aims to create more tourism opportunities and diversify typical regional products. With the current convenient transportation infrastructure, tourists can easily travel to multiple destinations and explore the region’s beauty on their own.

The joint efforts of various localities in tourism promotion have led to significant progress and specific outcomes. These collaborative initiatives have included creating common promotional materials, establishing tourism fan pages for the “Magical Heritage Region” comprising the five localities, participating in domestic and foreign tourism fairs, and the warm welcome to press and travel delegations to survey the region. The cooperation between localities has also helped mitigate funding issues by pooling resources and participating in prestigious international tourism fairs. This approach has enabled the promotion of the five localities in critical global markets and significantly contributed to enhancing the image of local tourism in the international tourist market. Furthermore, it has provided an opportunity for domestic tourism enterprises to connect with multinational enterprises and create suitable tourism products to attract international visitors to the region, thereby strengthening the local economy.

Pham Dang Khiem Le Hoi Phao Hoa Quoc Te Dua Da Nang Thanh Thoi Nam Cham Hut Khach

In recent years, Da Nang City has taken bold steps to strengthen public-private partnerships and promote tourism. With the active participation of the tourism business community, the city has organized a range of events, activities, and programs to encourage and promote tourism in Da Nang. These include the highly anticipated Danang International Fireworks Festival 2023, Danang Summer Festival 2022-2023, the prestigious Asian Golf Tournament from 2022-2024, and the Asia Route Development Forum 2022, to name a few.

The Da Nang Tourism Development Promotion Fund was established in 2020 with business contributions to further bolster its promotional efforts. The Department of Tourism of Da Nang City, the Tourism Association of Da Nang City, and other enterprises have joined forces to implement promotion activities, communication, destination promotion, market research, tourism stimulus programs, and flight route promotion effectively. These efforts have been crucial in attracting over 5.8 million visitors, including approximately 1.6 million international visitors and 4.2 million domestic visitors to Da Nang in the first nine months of 2023.

In addition to fostering partnerships with domestic localities and businesses, Da Nang Tourism has actively pursued international collaborations with provinces and cities such as Daegu, Changwon, Gyeongsan (South Korea), Battambang (Cambodia), Yaroslav (Russia), and more. This has resulted in the establishing of a network of direct international routes to Da Nang, serviced by major airlines, including Korean Air, Silk Air, Air Asia, and Qatar Airways. These efforts have significantly promoted multilateral and bilateral tourism activities, ultimately contributing to the growth of the international visitor market to Da Nang.

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