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Phuoc Nhon Hot Springs

Phuoc Nhon Hot Springs is a tourist zone covering an area approximately 20,099 meter square, belonging to Phuoc Nhon Hamlet, Hoa Khuong commune, Hoa Vang district and is located 25 kilometers to the Southwest of Da Nang City. Average…

Cam Ne Mats Village

Cam Ne weavers make variety of mats with wide or narrow size, plain mats and flowers mats. Plain mats are made with white fibers that they don’t stain.

Ngam Doi Eco-Tourism Site

About 30 kilometers away to the Southwest from Danang center, Ngam Doi is an ideal destination for outdoor picnic in hot summer days. Coming here, visitors will find the beauty of wild nature, charming and imposing created by a…
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