Ngam Doi Eco-Tourism Site

Ngam Doi Eco-Tourism Site
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About 30 kilometers away to the Southwest from Danang center, Ngam Doi is an ideal destination for outdoor picnic in hot summer days.

Coming here, visitors will find the beauty of wild nature, charming and imposing created by a harmonious natural population with beautiful and dreamy waterfalls such as: Trinh Nu (Virgin), Thuy Tien, Bach Lan or joining in trekking to the mountain for adventurous tourists to explore primerval forest and conquer the top of Ngam Doi.

Address: Phu Tuc Hamlet, Hoa Phu, Hoa Vang Ward



[wptab name=”Getting to Ngam Doi Eco-Tourist Site”]

airportFrom airport: 31km away, taxi recommended

steamtrainFrom train station: 32km away, go by taxi, motorbike

smallcityFrom Hoi An ancient town: 47km away, taxi recommened


[wptab name=”Services available at Ngam Doi”]

– Local typical cuisine: seasonal rice, stream fishs, stone snails, garden chicken and other local food.

– Local services with reasonable pice.

Plan the picnic trip for you and your friends in this summer. We hope to have you and your friends and family enjoyed the moment at Ngam Doi.


[wptab name=”Ticket Price”]

– 20,000d/person for entrance fee

– Rental hut: from 200,000d to 700,000d



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