Luong Stream

Luong Stream
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Located in Hoa Hiep Ward of Da Nang City’s Lien Chieu District, 15 kilometers north of the city center and about one kilometer south of Hai Van Pass, Luong Stream is a very beautiful stream which is covered by six-hectare forest area. It is an ideal eco-spot on tours between Thua Thien Hue Province and Da Nang City.

Being invested by the Danatol joint stock company, Luong Stream fully converges cultural characteristics of the different Vietnamese regions with many outstanding and unique architectural works such as the entrance gate’s features of Lac bird and one hundred eggs of Mother Au Co (the legend of the 100 babies birthed by Mother Au Co), a Vietnamese space symbolized by ancient Viet houses and ethnic minority houses (Dao, Tay, Cotu, Cham, etc…) and Champa Towers.

Visiting the stream, visitors will have a chance to enjoy its particular features with peaceful sightseeing, pure atmosphere, and cool stream along large and beautiful rocks as well as to immerse in diverse cultural space of central Viet Nam in the old day. The spot also is an ideal space for camping, playing folk games and mountainclimbing…

In addition, there are also small motels along streams, villas on the hill, bars, and cafe under the canopy of green trees.


Tel: (+84)511.3649551

[wptab name=”Getting to Luong Steam”]

airportFrom airport: 25km away, taxi recommended

steamtrainFrom train station: 18km away, go by taxi, motorbike

smallcityFrom Hoi An ancient town: 50km away, go by taxi or bus

smallcityFrom Hue Imperial city: 96km away, taxi recommended


[wptab name=”Ticket price”]

Entrance fee: 20,000d/person (free parking from 8am to 5pm)

Extra fee for visitors bringing food and drinks: 10,000d/person

Accommodation: 150,000d – 400,000d/room


[wptab name=”Food and beverage”]

Cham Pa Restaurant: serving Vietnamese tradition cuisine

Countryside Cuisine: serving local food of the Central Vietnam.


[wptab name=”Entertainment”]

– Camping area:

+ 20-50 persons: 500,000d-800,000d

+ 50-200 persons: 1,200,000d-1,600,000d

– Stereo for rent: 6,000,000d

– Camping organizing (Camp guide, games, stereo): 1,000,000d

– Camp guide: 600,000d

– Pool for rent (for group): 1,000,000d



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