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Helio Center is the first leisure complex multiservice center in Da Nang, Viet Nam. It covers more than 35,000 m2 and is located in the city center of Da Nang.

Address: South East Park of Grand Memorial, 2/9 Street, Danang City, Vietnam
Entrance ticket: Free
Open time:
Weekdays (Monday – Friday): 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Weekends (Sat and Sun) and Holidays: 8:00 am – 10:30 pm
Visiting duration: 2 hours
Best time: 7:00 pm
Good for travel: First time visit
Price range: 100.000 VND – 200.000 VND

General description:
Helio Center is the first multi- service entertainment complex in Danang city. With total construction area of 35,000m2 and located in the city center, Helio Center brings to local residents and visitors the most perfect choice to fully enjoy their relaxing moments with their family members and friends.

What to explore:
With Joy and Laughter as the main value proposition, Helio Center is like a mysterious box which always brings you the happiness once you open it.
Helio Center includes:

  • HELIO PLAY: The large game room whose area is up to 1000 m2, equipped with the most modern game machines. One of the special factors of Helio Play is the modern payment system with Power Card, a debit card system, allows card-holders to pay for games and other entertainment services as well as check the balance. Just swipe your Power Card, the fun is on!
  • HELIO KIDS: The first model of simulating edutainment zone for children aged between 2 and 9 in Danang city. With the area above 2700 m2, 42 simulation game rooms and playgrounds, Helio Kids is considered as the paradise of entertainment and interactive learning for children.
  • FOOD & BEVERAGE: Food & Beverage counters of Helio are the ideal resting space for the customers after the exciting and entertaining moments.

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