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Dong Duong Altar (BTC 168)

ĐONG DUONG ALTAR (BTC 168) Dong Duong, Thang Binh, Quang Nam | Late 9th century – early 10th centuries | Sandstone | This altar was founded at the West main tower in which is considered to worship the Lakshmindra Lokeshvara - the god…

Dong Duong Hall

DONG DUONG HALL Dong Duong is the Buddhism center of Champa, located at the delta 20km to the south of My Son.  According to the epitaph, in 875 King Indravarman II built a complex of monasteries and temples to worship the…


SHIVA Tower C1, My Son, Quang Nam | 7th - 8th centuries | Sandstone | Once founded at the C1 Tower in 1903, the work was not intact. The head, arms pointing forward and both legs from the knees down are broken. According to Henri…

Brahma the Creator

BRAHMA THE CREATOR E1 Tower, My Son, Quang Nam | 7th – 8th centuries | Sandstone | This is a decorative carving on the  tympanum of the E1 tower in My Son, brought to the Museum in 1935. The figure depicts the cosmic creation in Indian…

My Son E1 Altar

MY SON E1 ALTAR E1 Tower, My Son, Quang Nam | 7th – 8th centuries | Sandstone | The altar consists of 16 blocks of stones but currently just remains 14 blocks. On top of the altar is likely to support a huge Linga – Yoni made of…

My Son Gallery

MY SON GALLERY My Son was the most important religious center of Champa Kingdom, at Quang Nam province in the present day, about 30km to the West of Tra Kieu – one of the capitals of Champa. In the manifesting valley surrounded by small…

Tra Kieu Altar

TRA KIEU ALTAR Tra Kieu, Quang Nam | 7th – 8th centuries(?) | Sandstone | For Champa residents, the altar is the place connecting gods and temples, heaven and earth. The altar is sited in the center of the main tower, above the altar…


VISHNU Tra Kieu, Quang Nam | 10th Century | Sandstone | In Champa sculpture, Vishnu is not a common subject but Vishnu-inspired artworks are all highly artistic and aesthetic. This piece of art reflects Vishnu resting cross-legged on…

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