Brahma the Creator

Dan Sinh Than Brahma Bao Tang Dieu Khac Cham Danang Fantasticity Com


E1 Tower, My Son, Quang Nam | 7th – 8th centuries | Sandstone | [BTC 25]

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Thap Mam Altar

Dan Sinh Than Brahma Bao Tang Dieu Khac Cham Danang Fantasticity Com

This is a decorative carving on the  tympanum of the E1 tower in My Son, brought to the Museum in 1935. The figure depicts the cosmic creation in Indian mythology.

Accordingly, in the milk ocean at the center of time, god Vishnu meditates on the vast dark sea of ​​universes, supported by the seven-headed Shesha. His right hand is under his head, his left hand holds a lotus stem sprouting from his navel giving birth to the god Brahma in a meditative posture. Then Brahma continues to create the world. Under Vishnu’s foot is an image of a Taoist blessing the birth of Brahma. The two ends of the relief are the God Garuda, the man-eagle which reminisce of the statues of the same theme in Mon-Dvaravati art in Thailand in the 7th – 8th centuries.


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