“Danang confident with the ability to organize successful ABG 5”

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Talking about the organization ABG 5 sewer, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture of Da Nang, Nguyen Phuc Linh said: Do not just located in the middle of the country, convenient to move, minimize funding organizations ; infrastructure of Danang also meet the requirements of the OCA. Moreover, Da Nang has a lot of experience and ability in the organization of international sporting events such as the International Marathon Competition Danang (DNIM), 70.3 Ironman race …

Danang confident with the ability to organize successful ABG 5

Before awarded hosting rights for Da Nang, OCA has examined quite carefully about the competition venue, ABG 5 Operations Center, Press Center, accommodation for groups of athletes, with about 4,600 athletes expected , coming from 45 countries and territories. Besides, the work of ensuring traffic safety and security for the players union, medical work … also represented special interest OCA.

For Da Nang City People’s Committee held a meeting, with the guidance specific to the local Organizing Committee; directed the departments concerned in drafting the plan for prompt municipal leaders to consider and approve. At the same time, the propaganda, the promotion ABG 5 soon to be deployed on the media and all the fans intuitive.

* By this time, Da Nang has conducted preparatory work Press Center, how athletes village, sir?

To minimize funding organizations and from specific conditions, instead of building 1 Village athletes, we will arrange accommodation athlete delegations hotels from 3 star to 5 stars along the coast and as close to the coast , the better. On the other hand, instead of the players union in each country, this time, the players are arranged in accordance with each sport. Thus, the move to the competition venues will be much more favorable, as the athletes have to travel only along roads Vo Nguyen Giap – Hoang Sa.

In particular, we are very focused on athletes eating delegations. Not only ensure food safety and hygiene, the hotel also mindful of the diet for the purpose, and to ensure the health, both in line with religious rituals of each athlete in each country. In addition, the hotel must provide the venue suitable for the athletes can perform daily religious services, if required.

With officials, we will arrange for lodging at the hotel Furama Resort Nearby same number. International arbitration forces also relax at the 4 star hotel and the referee Vietnam forces are staying in 2 star hotels.

Previously, the city has allocated an area to build the Ministry of Culture representative office, held near ABG 5. With the new 5-storey buildings built and equipped pretty full, it will just make the Middle Operations Center, has made the ABG Press Center 5. Hopefully, transmission systems, electrical systems, as well as the facilities of the building will meet the requirements of the media.

Deputy Director of Culture facility Da Nang – Nguyen Phuc Linh.

* So far, the preparations for the opening ceremony, closing ceremony and the installation of countdown clock has been conducted anywhere, sir? 

From the direction of the city, we have cooperated with Dance Music Theatre Vietnam to build scenarios for the opening ceremony, closing ceremony and composer Nguyen Quang Vinh – Theatre director – as general director. Currently, there are 2 options for organization opening ceremony with option 1, will be held at Park East Sea and option 2 (in the weather conditions are not favorable) in Tien Son Sport Palace.

The city also directed to the Organizing Committee to implement the design, installation and countdown timer early commissioning in preparation for opening day ABG 5.

Since the proposed method of Da Nang, the Ministry of Culture venues unified set the clock loop rotation area, the Han River and the bridge is located on the East Coast. This is the appropriate place by rotation with large area; at the same time, this region is one of the focal points of the city traffic should be highly effective in advocating for ABG 5. Because only be granted a major part of the budget should, budget design, installation Timers of ABG 5 mobilized from socialization.

Thus, the Holiday Beach has to accept full financial support design and installation Timers ABG 5, the length of the sequence displayed Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds totaling approximately 24.7 meters with a height of 2.2 digit meter. Above the digits will be mascot of ABG 5 and behind the numbers, there are 5 mountain symbol of Danang Ngu.

Expected date of 19/9, clock installation work will be completed to keep operating at the time of one year before the opening ceremony ABG5.

Q. Could you tell us about the venues of 14 subjects, with 22 subjects in ABG 5 classification?

The sport of ABG 5 will take place on 3 clusters with specific stadium located in the center cluster Park South China Sea, beach area and T-20 Near Dana Beach hotel. The width of the beach used as a stadium – from the edge of the water – about 200-300 meters. Advantages of the coast of Da Nang is wide, less comfortable and quite clear sidewalks along the road, it can be arranged at the office “unprepared” to serve the sport. Moreover, with a long coastline, so the layout of the competition area very favorable.

With the close direction of the leadership of the city, the enter the full responsibility of the relevant units with the support of the ministries, central agencies and favorable conditions of Danang as well as past experience we’re confident with the ability to organize successful ABG 5. Moreover, we hope, the international guests, officials and athletes will feel delegation Danang a civilized, friendly in the days of their stay.

Thank you for this exchange.

(Source: abg2016.com)

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