Asian Beach Games 2016 5th (ABG5)

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Mr. Nguyen Phuc Linh – Deputy Director of the Department of Culture has represented Danang Danang City, reports the preparation of the Da Nang to host the 2016 ABG 5.

Asian Beach Games 2016 5thAccordingly, a detailed plan on where the sports competitions program in Congress; places to eat, stay for officials and leaders of the union, ceremony venue, closing … are prepared in close and clear.

Therefore, the meeting took place lively with many ideas revolve around issues such as: identifying the venues of some sports such as water polo, Rowing, to the sport closer together; water sanitation overcome the competition area for better aesthetics; layout locations and the opening flag ceremony countdown time Where to draw the attention of the people of Danang and tourists; choose good hotel near the coast in order to facilitate traffic to the headquarters of OCA planned 400 rooms (5 star hotel); communication should be allocated to the Information Centre established congress website, live TV any subjects, namely 6 competitive sport venues close together; Should the press center layout, and coordinate with the local TV station reported on the meeting somewhere; proposal Danang Department of Culture to plan follow-star hotels to have a detailed plan for the Group in the layout; Sport suggested earlier issued General plans to deploy Tourism as assigned ….

Danang MOCST TSO suggested earlier issued MOCST plan and assign specific tasks between central and local level; coordinate with local official identified the competition venue content and specific blueprint estimates accompanying funding for implementation and assign specific responsibilities of the units and localities in each say right; directing the professional subcommittee of the congress organizing committee to implement the content of the work required; reviewing additional local personnel in the composition of the host organization.

Ending the meeting Deputy Minister Le Khanh Hai agreed with the plan and the proposal of the Department of Culture has proposed Danang. To the preparations for the General Assembly to reach the best results, Deputy Minister Le Khanh Hai delivered Danang Department of Culture advised the Danang People’s Committee established a steering committee of local organizations; propaganda actively promote the work of the congress; Traffic should be streamlined, with signage, charts, arranged parking and equipped shopping venues near the hotel; about where to open and closing ceremonies should also consider the option that the marine park in eastern and layout fireworks after opening.

He also assigns the General Department of Sports in collaboration with Da Nang city election officials survey the competition venues to soon deploy specific identification; plan approved by the Ministry of Culture; support and technical equipment for competitions

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