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Danang In My Heart

– The Instagram photo contest brought you by the Da Nang Department of Tourism and HanaTour –

#내마음속의다낭 #dananginmyheart #danangfantastiCity #danang #travel


Travel enables us grow with various experiences and creates cherished moments shaping our youth.

Each of us shall possess unique and unforgettable memories from our previous trips.

Then, we wonder what still remained alive in your heart after your latest vacation in our fantastic Da Nang.

Here is the chance for you to share your great adventures in this coastal city.

And get yourself a special all-inclusive vacation to Da Nang with Hana Tour one day not too far away.

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Step 01

Follow the Official Instagram of Da Nang tourism @danang_fantasticity

Step 02

Post on your Instagram with the following content:
1) A photo/ set of photos/ a video of your previous trips in Da Nang. If you have not been to Da Nang, you are welcomed to create your own photo/video to share your feeling towards Da Nang (*)
2) The picture caption shall be at least 50 words long and include these hashtags: #내마음속의다낭 #dananginmyheart #danang #travel #danang_fantasticity

Step 03

Collect for your post as many as possible.


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– Participants must use their official Instagram account which is open for Public;

– Valid contest entries are submitted by Koreans and residents in Korea, the entries must contain relevant content and include the given caption, hashtags and tag;

The contest begins on November 15th. All entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM on December 15th, 2021 (Korea Standard Time (KST), UTC +9)

– Participants must have all rights to the content of the entry;

– (*) If you have not been to Da Nang, you are welcomed to create your own photo/video to share on your feelings towards Da Nang, which shall be related to Da Nang and not the object of copyright.

– Entries with irrelevant content and/or copyright dispute are not validated for the Contest.

– Winners can claim their prizes by submitting original contents along with their personal information to the organization board (Personal information is confidential and only use for reward claim)

– The organization board is entitled to deploy the winning contents serving destination marketing activities in Korea.

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Danang In My Heart

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