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成立于2012年,是全国最佳有关于旅游信息的互助模型:员工队伍专业,装设备现代。旅游地图、旅游指南手册、传单是免费互助游客。 这儿同时是当地政府和游客的桥梁,解决宰客、拉客等情况。

1. 游客互助中心,Bạch Đằng 路108号

2. 岘港国际机场

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热线:02363 550 111 | 02363.1022


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  1. Irene says

    我的朋友在岘港首府出租了一座别墅。 押金有10,000,000越幣不退換。還有, 退房时,我的朋友在保险柜内忘了铂金手镯,但酒店工作人员表示,没有再次检查房间,有新的代表团来到这里,所以没有找到。 我找個越南人幫忙我問他們,但仍然没有得到押金退換和手鏈,在2017年10月18日。我的朋友非常失望回到国家告诉我。 下面的聊天是越南人幫忙我的對話,但是

  2. Irene says

    My friend Tan wei feng, rented a villa at the premier village of Da Nang. The deposit still have $ 10,000,000 not return . When check out, my friend forgot his hand platinum bracelet in the insurance cabinet but the hotel staff said that there was not check a room again and have a new delegation come stay here so they was not found. I asked a Vietnamese suport me but still not get enough deposit and forgotten , on October 18, 2017.my friend extremely disappointed to return to the country and told me. The chat below is the vietnamese support for me, but the
    ‘premier village” still answered her is no have

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