Tour 3 – Culture & Relaxation

Tour 3 – Culture & Relaxation

  • 08:00: Pick up guests at hotel.  
  • 08:30: Experience 365 Water Park –Mikazuki Resorts & Spa

Tam Khoang Onsen Tai Mikazuki Da Nang Mang Loi Song Lanh Manh Cua Van Hoa Nhat Den Voi Nguoi Viet 05

  • 09:30: Experience Mikazuki hot spring. Onsen hot mineral bath and soak your feet in a hot mineral pool. Sauna dry with pink rock salt. During your relaxing time here, you can use the services: Café Senchasou, fast food…

Tam Khoang Nong Onsen Than Duoc Cho Cuoc Song Hien Dai Tai Danang Mikazuki Japanese Resorts And Spa

  • 10:30: Experience Massage & spa Biyokea.
  • 11:00: Drop off at the hotel. Tour ends.
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