Welcome 169 tourists from Macau to Da Nang

Welcome 169 tourists from Macau to Da Nang
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DNDT – On the afternoon of March 28th, the charter flight number A320 of cheap charter Jetstar Pacific airline carrying 169 Chinese tourists landed at Da Nang International Airport at 16h15. This is the first flight connecting Da Nang and Macau that Jetstar Pacific

It has launched in 2014 in the purpose of satisfying the need of Chinese tourists coming to Da Nang in recent years.Accordingly, there will be two return flights Da Nang – Macau each day, departing from Da Nang International Airport at 11h05 and 16h30, departing from Macau International Airport at 09h00 and 14h25 in local time. According to Jetstar Pacific, with the frequency of 180 seats in economy class, average per flight, the number of tourists from Macau to Da Nang and vice versa is at 90 % so it will change charter routes into regular routes.

Da Nang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism informed that the increase of direct international routes has facilitated the exploitation of tourists coming to Da Nang by air route. In 2013, the number of international tourists to Da Nang via the direct route is estimated at 264.200 passengers, an increase of 80 % compared to 2011.

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