Vietnam Airlines temporarily postponed the operation of international services till 30th April 2020.

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From 19th March to 30th April 2020, Vietnam Airlines suspends international flights. Summary of network changes are below.

  • Suspend all flights to South East Asia (including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia and Myanmar) from March 21.
  • Suspend all flights to Europe, including France and Russia (from March 18), England (from March 23); Germany (from March 24 for the flights from Vietnam and from March 25 for the return flights from Germany)
  • Suspend all flights to Australia from March 24 for the flights from Vietnam and from March 25 for the return flights from Australia
  • Suspend all flights to North East Asia, namely South Korea, China, Hong Kong and Macao till April 30, Japan (from March 23), Taiwan (from March 19).

Vietnam Airlines Tam Dung Khai Thac Cac Duong Bay Quoc Te Den Het 30 04 2020 01

*The above adjustments have been updated on the reservation system and can be adjusted unexpectedly according to market requirements.

Passengers seeking for international services during this period can track their schedules on the official website www.vietnamairlines.com and Vietnam Airlines app to better plan your journey.

Vietnam Airlines will widely inform customers the re-operation plan of these services right after the new directive of the authorities.

To support affected passengers, Vietnam Airlines waives fees and conditions for flight dates and itinerary changes for all international passengers affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and got tickets before March 25, 2020.

In addition, for further information and assistance, please visit the website www.vietnamairlines.com, Vietnam Airlines application, official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/VietnamAirlines, contact the ticket offices of Vietnam Airlines or the customer service hotline 1900 1100 (if calling from Vietnam) and +84 24 38320 320 (if calling from overseas).

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