The Street Festival 2018

The Street Festival 2018
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The Street Festival 2018

The Street Festival

People’s Committee of Danang city has just announced the organizing of Street festival on 2018, an event in the series of cultural and festive activities on Han river banks, in response to domestic and international tourists’ demand for entertainment during their holiday in Da Nang.

The Street Festival 2

The Street Festival is going to be the chance for Danang to promote its tourism products and image as a destination to visitors from all parts of the country and around the world.

The Street Festival acts as an occasion to boost the promotion and marketing of Danang’s culture tourism products to domestic and international holiday-makers. As expected, there will be brass band playing Vietnamese and international music, in all sensations from cheerful, throbbing, glamourous, epical… Dances such as pasodop, rumba, chachacha, tango, disco, salsa…are performed by masked dancers in gorgeous-looking costumes. In addition to performances by the brass band, parades and on-the-spot dancesport performances are also on the list.

The Street Festival 3

As scheduled, the Street Festival shall take place from 19h30 to 21h30 last Saturday on each month along Tran Hung Dao St. A network of amplifiers (great capacity) including 1 big sub amplifier, 3 full speakers, micros, CD players, lightings will be installed at 5 main points along the street.

Regarding the organizing plan, People’s Committee of Danang City demand satisfactory outcomes regarding social order and security, traffic safety, moderate budget, cheerful atmosphere, strong promotion of cultural traditions and multicultural understanding. The activities are set out to bring a lively musical sensation to the spirited youth of this beach city.

Huan Nguyen – The Street Festival 2018
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