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My Khe by night & Fishermen Day, the attractive events in ABG5

My Khe by night & Fishermen Day, the attractive events in ABG5
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To welcome the 5 th Asian Beach Games, the very first international sports event to be held in Da Nang from 24 th September to 03 rd October, 2016, Da Nang will organize a chain of auxiliary activities during the event. Many activities reflecting the culture of a coastal city of Central Vietnam will take place at Da Nang beaches such as Beach Festival, My Khe by night, Street dances…to attract not only the local people but also domestic and international tourists coming to Da Nang during the event.

In order to bring to the local people and tourists a fantastic experience of a Da Nang beach by night (ancient yet modern with folk yet creative concept), to explore the beauty of the local culture through recreating the daily life of the fishermen and joining the folk games, on 30 September, 2016 at the beach area in front of Lang Ong (Whale’s Tomb), the “My Khe by night” event will take place with the main activities of recreating the beauty in the daily life of the fishermen, music performance and fire camping.

After experience the night through honoring the traditional value activities, on 01 st October, 2016 in the morning at the same beach area, the “Beach Festival” will take place with the competition of Farming Associations in Da Nang City: Netting, Carrying Fish, Basket Boat Racing, Tug of War…promising to bring a vibrant, festivous and memorable experience to all local people and international tourists.

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