Danang: Renovating the road to “Heritage Banyan tree of Vietnam”

The road to “national heritage banyan tree” in Son Tra Nature Reserve (Da Nang) will be invested in repairing, upgrading, expanding in some positions to avoid the car and installing software corridor walls in hazardous places.

On March, 11 The Department of Transportation said that Da nang People’s Committee had release an official dispatch agreed investment policy in repairing and upgrading the road to “National heritage banyan tree” in Son Tra Nature Reserve (Son Tra peninsula, Son Tra District).

Accordingly, Da Nang People’s Committee had allowed plan expanding the road surface in some position to avoid the car, installing software corridor walls in dangerous places and repairing damaged road surface. The expense is not exceeding 3 billions from the basic invested capital.

The preparing works of investment carried out in 2015 and implement during period 2016-2017. Da Nang People’s Committee assign plan which cleared plants and mend pothole to ensure vision, traffic safety when move in this road to Department of Transportation. The expense from transport expenditure (Road servicing fee) will be completed in April, 2015.

In addition, Da Nang People’s committee also assign collecting suggestions from Military Command and other units about guarantee security, national defence to Department of Transportation before conducting building plan and expanding road surface in some position without the influence to Son Tra Mountain . Infonet had released news on June, 8th, 2014. At Son Tra Natural Reserve , Da Nang People ‘s Committee coordinated VietNam Natural Heritage Tree Association held a ceremony to honor and recognize Son Tra Banyan Tree as Viet Nam Heritage Tree. It is also the first Viet Nam heritage tree in Da Nang.

800 year-old Son Tra banyan tree ( or Nui Cao Banyan tree, be classified in mulberry, and has science name “ Ficus bengalensis”) is about 22m in height and 10m in tree-trunk circumference and 85m in giant tree circumference. This tree has 26 aerial root which is 25m in height, are in 63 small zone of Son Tra Natural Reserve. Son Tra Banyan tree has attracted many tourist to visit and see the strange and mystery beauty. Especially, This is the source of life of Red- Shanked Doucs- a kind of primates living mainly in Indo-Chinese at SonTra (being discovered in 1771). According to Dang Huy Hung, The Chairman of Viet Nam Natural heritage tree, the recognition of the banyan tree in Son Tra is “Viet Nam Natural Heritage Tree” which one the hand help to protect valuable genetic resources, and one other hand contribute to enhance aware of respecting history, nature and call upon protect environment.

Danang: Renovating the road to “Heritage Banyan tree of Vietnam”
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