Danang Masterchef open VII

Danang Masterchef open VII
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Danang MasterChef Open VII of “Danang – Summer Destination 2015” Program was successfully organized at 08.00AM on Wednesday July 1st 2015 in East Sea Park, Danang

In this competition, all participants come from restaurants, tourism training school, free areas in Danang, Quang Nam, Hue and Nha Trang. Time duration for cooking does not exceed 120 minutes and 5 minutes for presentation. Elimination Round includes 3 parts: appetizer, main dish and dessert and Final Round includes: one compulsory dish from seafood and free-style dish

After a hard-working day, judges officially announced the winners:

1 Nguyen Thi Han – Da Nang
Pullman Danang Resort
First Prize

2 Ngo Viet Dung – Hue
Banyan tree Lang Co Resort
Second Prize

3 Phan Duy Quy – Da Nang
Danang Professional Chef Club
Third Prize

4 Phan Thanh Son – Hue
AngSana Laguna Lang Co Resort
Third Prize

5 Pham Quyen – Hue
Duy Tan Hue Hotel
Consolation Prize

6 Nguyen Quoc Nghi -Da Nang
Vinpearl Premium Resort
Consolation Prize

7 Pham Dinh Khanh -Da Nang
Avatar Hotel
Creative Prize

8 Tran Thanh Hai – Da Nang
Hoa Binh Hotel
Nice Decoration Prize

The competition is a valuable chance for chefs to enhance knowledge, skills, share experience and network . This competition is generated to honor chefs and express the paramount role of chefs in the Food Culture Development in Danang

Hoa Bui

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