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B’estival Beer Festival 2016 at Ba Na Hills

B’estival Beer Festival 2016 will take place in the central city of Da Nang’s Ba Na Hills Resort from August 26th to September 2nd
For one week, visitors can enjoy free beer of German draught beer of the brands Gauden and Red Rock, reminiscent of the biggest beer festival in the world, Oktoberfest, held in Munich every year.

B’estival, a combination of “B” from “Ba Na Hills” and “Festival,” will create a wheat harvest scene, as in Europe, August is the time when the wheat is ready for making delicious beers. Organizers also said beer will be served by German waiters and waitress.

For the festival, the square, nestled amongst buildings sporting European architectural styles, is going to be decorated like a farm with a large wheat field.

The resort is also going to recreate scenes of festivity and feature live music. Besides, participants can join in games and shop from booths in the square. Throughout the week the event is expected to attract tens of thousands of participants.

B’estival is the next in the series of festivals held in Ba Na Hills from the beginning of the year, such as the Spring Flower festival, summer festival, and wine festival. The festival expects to increase the appeal of Da Nang, which is already a top destination in Vietnam./.

B’estival Beer Festival 2016 at Ba Na Hills
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