Nam O Reef – the new hot spot for check-in fans

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Nam O Reef – the new hot spot for check-in fans

Looking for a different location to take those Instagram-worthy photos? Nam O Reef is the shooting destination for you this summer!

In Hoa Hiep Bac commune, Lien Chieu district, Nam O Reef is 17km from Danang city center, parallel to Ca Reef and Con Nho Reef. Nam O Reef is 2 hecta in size, and in the middle of Danang bay.

Nam O Reef has a rustic, untouched beauty with turquoise beaches and ranges of reefs, laying on the coast, waiting for the waves.

Coming to Nam O this season, you can enjoy the spectacular views of rocks and reefs covered by green moss, creating an eye-soothing natural green carpet.

Nam O is the most beautiful in the morning, when the tide is low and the green carpet is revealed, as breathtaking as a fairy tale picture, a beauty that is difficult to find elsewhere.

This attraction is still quite untouched and unknown to many. With the wonderful arrangement by Mother Nature, the Nam O Reef is an ideal check-in spot for those who are nature-lovers.

Coming to Nam O Reef, besides enjoying the beauty of nature, you can also try many tasty seafood dishes. Goi Ca Nam O (Nam O fish salad) is a specialty that you should not miss coming to Danang.

While wait, take your camera and your hunger for great food and let’s go!

photographer: Nguyen Trung Thu – Nam O Reef – the new hot spot for check-in fans

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