The Prime Minister agreed to reopen Karaoke and Night clubs


In conclusion of the Government Standing Committee this morning on prevention and control of COVID-19, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc agreed to permit karaoke and discotheque businesses to resume operation; entrust the Steering Committee to announce safe areas to reopen international routes …

After the meeting participants made their comments, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc affirmed that the results of the prevention and control of the pandemic in Vietnam within the past time were respectable. The last two months did not report any new cases in the community, protecting the entire population.

From a development perspective during this period, the Prime Minister stated that it is safe to develop sustainably in the new normal circumstance. For further development, it is essential to take the world situation into consideration and assess within the domestic situations as our country has been deeply integrated in the world economy.

Grasping the guiding spirit of the Politburo, namely Conclusion No. 77, the country’s socio-economic development is key. It is a must to build up the image of a safe destination and best prepare once Vietnam opens the door to integration. Not only the economy, there should pay attention to the political and foreign relations of the country, especially the partners whose epidemics have been significantly reduced.

The Prime Minister also emphasized the prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic on land, sea, air, and border crossings. It is necessary and human to assist overseas experts, business managers and Vietnamese people abroad return Vietnam. Socio-economic development must be pushed under ‘new normal’ conditions. Each ministry and locality must come up specific plans to fulfill the socio-economic and budget tasks this year while continuously taking care of social security for people, prevent starvation, not leaving anyone behind. Another issue of concern is the continued application of appropriate segregation measures to shun community infection from people returning from abroad to Vietnam.

The Prime Minister stressed that it is agreeable for overseas experts and investors, even skilled labors to enter Vietnam for job opportunities. Also, he assigned the People’s Committee of localities to arrange quarantine facilities with fee as well as transport and test for COVID-19 according to regulations.

Ministry of Finance shall, on the basic of agreement with the Ministry of Health and legal provisions, consider collecting isolation fees, especially treatmnet fees and report to the Prime Minister for decision. Proposals for isolation and treatment fee must be researched to apply appropriately and strictly in order to save budget, and do not trouble the general public.

For Vietnamese businessmen, pupils, students and the elderly … who wish to return Vietnam but have not been able to, the Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to set specific criteria, set up a registration channel for people, including Vietnamese and foreign experts; The Ministry of Transport was assigned to direct the aviation industry to organize flights to bring these subjects back Vietnam on the spirit of humanity and allowing favorable conditions. The Prime Minister requested not to limit the number of flights carrying experts, businessmen, students and the elderly … according to the criteria for repatriation and working visa.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has agreed with the Ministry of Transport to increase the frequency of flights for the above-mentioned subjects.

Regarding the opening of international commercial flights, the Prime Minister assigned the Steering Committee to announce safe areas to reopen routes to areas where COVID-19 cases have not been detected in the past 30 days. The Prime Minister stressed that it is impossible to completely close but not rush to open the borders as it is impossible to determine the safety level of countries.

In addition, the Prime Minister approved the proposals at the meeting to reopen dance club and karaoke services. Still, the Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of Public Security and the authorities to control violations of the law at the facilities, specifically any cases related to drug trafficking.

According to baochinhphu.vn

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