Continuously implement medical isolation for cases of foreigners entering Vietnam for work in Da Nang


The City Steering Committee for COVID-19 prevention and control has just issued Official Letter No. 97 / BCD-SYT dated May 18, 2020 to assign the Department of Health to preside over and coordinate with relevant functional agencies to continue implementing medical quarantine for cases of foreigners entering Vietnam to work in Da Nang in accordance with the Official Letter No. 93 / BCĐ-SYT of the Steering Committee.

Meanwhile, the Committee should coordinate with the Department of Tourism to organize training and guidance for accommodation establishments on the conditions for setting up centralized quarantine, environmental disinfection, infection prevention for employees, arranging health human resources for medical work, inspecting and supervising medical units in the area to carry out medical duty at the accommodation. The City Steering Committee requests the Department of Health together with the Central Airport Authority and competent authorities at the border gate, the Department of Tourism, the Department of Foreign Affairs, the City Police Department, the City Military Command, The People’s Committees of districts and the Steering Committee member agencies promptly report and propose the City Steering Committee issues in the procedure of coordination and implementation for instant actions.

The City Steering Committee assigned the Department of Tourism to urgently investigate and inspect quarantines for foreigners who enter Vietnam to work in Da Nang at local accommodation establishments registered with the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, and other accommodation establishments wishing to register as concentrated isolation facilities for quarantine of foreigners. Those need to agree on fees, assure the conditions for health isolation and commit to only serve isolation and prevention of COVID-19 rather than other purposes.

The Department of Tourism is responsible for sending and disseminating the temporary guide on concentrated medical isolation at the hotel in combating the epidemic COVID-19, which is paid voluntarily by the quarantined person under Decision No. 1246 / QD-BYT dated 20- 3-2020 of the Ministry of Health for the above accommodation establishments; at the same time, assume the prime responsibility and work with accommodation establishments to unify the training plan, instruct the conditions for establishing and deploying concentrated medical isolation; on that basis, coordinate with the Department of Health and relevant agencies and units to organize the implementation.

The City Steering Committee also requested the Department of Foreign Affairs to promptly report, propose quarantine plans for members of international representative missions who enter for diplomatic and official missions; promptly report and propose the Steering Committee to handle difficulties and problems of foreigners working in Da Nang city in the process of isolation and other matters related to diplomacy for better consideration and right decision in accordance with existing regulations. In addition, the Committee also notify the decision to apply medical isolation, coercive medical isolation to people who perform medical isolation, coercive medical isolation and their relatives; send written notice of medical isolation measures and coercive medical isolation to the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to notify the diplomatic representatives of the countries from which there are citizens under medical isolation or coercive medical isolation.

Department of Transport is responsible for researching, proposing and reporting to the City Steering Committee on the arrangement of vehicles and drivers, proposing the collection of fees for transportation of foreign passengers on entry to hand over and carry out medical isolation at the accommodation facility. The Department of Natural Resources and Environment directs the daily transportation and treatment of infectious wastes at accommodation establishments for medical isolation. At the same time, the City Police takes responsibility for coordinating with accommodation establishments to arrange safeguards at gateways and entrances to accommodation establishments; ensure the security and order at the accommodation facilities for medical isolation; apply coercive measures of medical isolation to those subject to medical isolation but do not comply.

The City Steering Committee assigns the People’s Committees of districts to participate as the Chief Executive of the isolation at the accommodation facility to perform medical isolation as assigned by the City Steering Committee; promulgate a decision on application of quarantine measures and issue a certificate of completion of medical isolation for cases of medical isolation at a lodging establishment located in the area. They will be in charge of directing and organizing the concentrated isolation practice at the accommodation establishment and ensure the resources for implementing the isolation and prevention of COVID-19 epidemic; creating conditions and support for concentrated people to feel secure to carry out isolation activities during the time of monitoring; directing the local civil defense forces to participate in the task of supervising isolation 24/7 at the accommodation establishments. In addition, there will inspect and closely monitor the employment of medical isolation and enforce coercion if the person in quarantine fails to comply with the isolation requirements at the accommodation establishment.

The City Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control requests its member agencies and related organizations, associations, unions, agencies, units and enterprises to coordinate with the Department of Health, Department of Tourism, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Transport, Department of Natural Resources and Environment, City Police, City Military Command, Command of the City Border Guard to organize the undertakings of the above contents, certifying the effectiveness of medical isolation at accommodation establishments for foreigners who enter and work in Da Nang. When receiving information about foreigners entering Vietnam to work in Da Nang city, it is necessary to promptly inform or contact directly with the Department of Health and relevant units to coordinate medical measures as regulated. In the course of implementation, if problems arise beyond the authority, the Health Department shall promptly report and propose the City People’s Committee to consider and handle them according to regulations.

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