Promote 2016 Asian Beach Games – Danang at the exhibition socio-economic achievements

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Promote 2016 Asian Beach Games
Information about beach sports congress in 2016 in Da Nang is Mr. Hoang Du – TBT Communication Newspaper Comics property detail and specific.

Asian Beach Games take place every 2 years and is the congress dedicated to beach sports, entertaining high. ABG5 first place in VN and Da Nang city will be the host of the meeting.

In the introduction to showcase the history of the birth and development of ABG5, scale and significance of the meeting. ABG to take place for the first time in 2008 in Bali (Indonesia) by Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) organized.

Besides, the system introduced by the Congress identifies 5 -2016. With iconic bird’s nest mascot will make the sport gifts, gift products, souvenirs will serve the needs of BTC and the congress participants and tourists. Con mascot also be produced in bulk and sold at the souvenir shop of ABG5 expected prices from 5- 8 USD.

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