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Programmes for ABG5 opening and closing ceremonies unveiled

The programmes for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 5th Asian Beach Games (ABG5) from 24 September to 3 October 2016 have been officially unveiled by the Da Nang Department of Culture and Sports.  The biannual sporting event will take ‘Shining Sea, Bright Future’ as its theme.

A recent local publicity activity for ABG5
A recent local publicity activity for ABG5

The opening ceremony of ABG5 will take place at 8.00pm on 24 September at the East Sea Park.  There will be arts performances namely ‘Sunrise over the Ocean’, ‘Singing for Mountains, Rivers, Fields and Sea’, ‘Tien Sa Dance’, ‘Love Song on the Waves’, ‘Bows on the Ocean’, ‘Footsteps on Sand’, ‘Asia – the Torch of Peace’, and ‘Shining Sea, Bright Future’.  In particular, these performances will feature accompanying scenes of the Cau Ngu and Muc Dong festivals, coracle racing and other local cultural events in order to advertise the city’s traditional cultural identities.

The closing ceremony will be held at 6.00pm on 3 October at the same venue.  Featured at this ceremony will be arts performances entitled ‘The Blue Sea’s Aspiration’, ‘The Vietnamese Birds’, ‘Conquering the Ocean’, and’ Here Is Viet Nam’.  These performances aim to convey the message of the deep pride which local residents have for their beloved Da Nang – a friendly, hospitable and civilised city – and their country as a whole.  The ceremony will end with the official handover of the ABG flag to the 2018 host nation.

The Director of the Viet Nam National Music and Dance Theatre, musician Nguyen Quang Vinh, remarked that artistes from prestigious Ha Noi-based arts troupes have been busy practising hard for the ceremonies.  Meanwhile, artistes from the Nguyen Hien Dinh Tuong and Trung Vuong Theatre, the municipal Cultural Centre, and the National Sports Training Centre and University of Sports and Physical Training, all in Da Nang, have also been preparing.  The rehearsals for the music shows at the ceremonies will take place on 23 September at the East Sea Park.

Yesterday, the ABG5 Medical and Anti-doping Sub-commission was also officially established, with Deputy Minster for Health Le Quang Cuong as its Head.

The Viet Nam Anti-Doping and Sports Medicine Agency will be responsible for taking samples from the athletes for doping testing.

As for the medical preparations for ABG5, 35 groups of medical workers from the C Hospital, and other local hospitals under the management of the municipal Health Department, will be set up to offer medical services for the participants.  Each group will consist of 2 doctors, 2 nurses, an ambulance and its driver.  The medical workers will be on duty at the competition locations, practising areas, and hotels where the competitors will stay.

Emergency teams from hospitals in the provinces of Thua Thien-Hue, Quang Nam and Quang Ngai will assist Da Nang in dealing with unexpected situations such as natural disasters, fires or explosions.

Most notably, the city’s Public Service Portal, with its hotline 0511 1022, is now running an English channel to offer useful information about local eating and drinking areas, tourist attractions, important events, and other local issues.  The new service will be useful for foreign visitors and organisations during ABG5, and the 25th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit which will take place in the city in October 2017.

The channel operates daily from 7.30am to 9.00pm.

(Source: ĐTĐN)

Programmes for ABG5 opening and closing ceremonies unveiled
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