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Opening ceremony of ABG5 to take place at 8pm today

Opening ceremony of ABG5 to take place at 8pm today
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The biennial Asian Beach Games (ABG) is one of the largest Games in Asia. Founded by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), it aims to promote the tourism and develop the beach sports. It serves as an own site for marine sports, and reflects the connection and harmony between the development of the sports and tourism.

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The 5th Asian Beach Games (ABG5) is organised in Viet Nam to further develop its sea sports, boost its socio-economic development, strengthen solidarity and friendship between Viet Nam and other countries as well as international friends, and promote the images of its land and people. In addition, the event offers a good chance for Da Nang, and Viet Nam as a whole, to further the development of the sea-based tourism.

ABG5 will take place in Da Nang from 24 September to 10 October, with the participation of nearly 10,000 athletes, coaches, referees and technical officials from 42 countries and territories across Asia.

The opening ceremony will last 110 minutes, with formal etiquettes, and an impressive and spectacular arts programme. The intention is to introduce to international friends the special culture of Viet Nam’s regions which feature their famous chantries, their unique customs, their local people’s rituals towards the nature and arts forms recognised by UNESCO as world cultural heritages. Included are the Hue royal court music, and the space of the Gong culture in Central Highlands.

The arts performances will also showcase the Vietnamese traditional culture and the aspiration of its people as well as praise their love towards their country’s sea.

Moreover, the performances will reflect the beauty of Viet Nam’s sea with its natural wonders, its charming and harmonious landscapes, as well as its friendly people.

Especially, some performances will feature images showing the talent of athletes. The strength of solidarity will be emphasised through the images of beach sports.

Sports is the most common voice and the most beautiful melody of the Games. It represents the sentiment, spirit, aspiration and strength of each nation and each community. It helps to appeal for the Asian community to build a common house for equality and mutual respect.

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